8 Resources every Fly Fisherman should Have

8 Resources every Fly Fisherman should Have

Wednesday 16th October 2013

How did you get into Fly Fishing? If you're just getting started there are a few good resources you can pick up. In our experience, it's good to go out with a casting guide to show you the fundamentals. We spoke to casting guide, Andrew Connell, who also recommended a few key fly fishing resources.

Summary of Recommendations:

  • Fly Waters of Victoria (The Snowys)
  • Fly Life Forum
  • Fly Life Magazine
  • Fly Fishing Fundamentals
  • Fly Fishing Salt Water Fundamentals
  • Local Fly Fishing Outlets (Expert Advice)
  • Fishing Reports
  • Search Engines (Google Search!)

We've included an exerpt of an interview with Andrew and outlined the different resources he recommends, so that you can get a good idea of where to improve your technique and learn more about fly fishing:

Joel: Fly Fishing sounds like it's something that requires a fair bit of commitment. You can't just say... "I'm going fishing today?"

Andrew: Well you can, but if you want to be more successful at it... it takes a little bit more commitment, or a little bit more research.

Joel: What do you do? Jump on Google, or do you go to a bait store nearby and talk to the guys that know the area?

Andrew: Yeah, well you could go to, it's really helpful to have a regular store that you go to, by frequenting a store regularly they'll get to know you, and you'll get some information. Generally, they're fishermen themselves, so they'll fish a lot of different areas, so by becoming a regular at a store you get a lot of information.

Andrew: Asking them and yeah you could also look for reports from fishing stores in different areas, so there is some fishing stores in the snowys [for example], and they'll put out some fishing reports. And they might tell you what flies they got the fish on. That's one way of doing it. You can do a bit of research on those sites.

Joel: And they're generally pretty reliable? 

Andrew: As long as the reports not like last years report [outdated], you know you'll get a current report [at the local store]... current report's always good.

Andrew: There's some good books; if you're looking for guide books. If you're going to New Zealand it will give you all the information. Victoria, there's a specific book just for fly fishing that tells you what to expect at certain times of the year at certain lakes. 

Joel: And what's the name of the book?


Andrew: It's called Fly Waters of Victoria (The Snowys). It gives you some maps and information. 


Joel: Awesome

Joel: Where can people find more information about Fly Fishing?

Andrew: There's a really good source of information on a forum called Fly Life Forum.

Andrew: There's a magazine called Fly Life Magazine. They have their own forum; an internet forum. And on that there's a lot of information. Obviously, reading magazines is quite good. They give you a variety of different fishing situations or times of year, or occasions, which is quite good. 

Andrew: Also, there's a few good books like Fly Fishing Fundamentals. It's an Australian book. There's also another one - Salt Water Fly Fishing Fundamentals, which is also another good basic book. 

Andrew: There are also books that are not so much instructive, but people writing about their experiences. 

Joel: How can people contact you if they're interested in getting lessons? 

Andrew: website - connell.com.au or email - casting@connell.com.au or andrew@connell.com.au

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