Product Review: Fjord Viking Waders

Product Review: Fjord Viking Waders

Sunday 25th August 2013

andrew connel - casting guide

J: One of the things that I’m really thankful for is that I brought a really good pair of shoes. It was really muddy around the edge of the water. If I didn’t have a good, sturdy pair of shoes... if I bought runners or something...

A: Yeah, you would have been really miserable!

J: Oh, it would have been terrible.. Obviously you had a pair of Fjord Viking Waders today, which allowed you to venture out into the water. How did you think they went?

A: yeah, they were fine! They’ve got some gravel guards over them, which stop you getting tangled on the laces. It took me a little while to remember to bring them down.

J: comfortable?

A: Yeah, comfortable... breathable. Also, one of the things about waders is that they’re an essential piece of equipment in the winter for keeping the wind out.

J: I felt that today, it was raining... windy

A: Before the rain came we had that almost heavy fog blowing in.


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All that moisture in the air, water and cold wind. And that just goes straight through you.. if you’re in jeans or in fishing pants. It doesn’t even matter if you’ve got thermal pants underneath; you’re just gonna freeze!

A: The best thing about waders is that they keep that out and having breathable ones!

A: I used to have neaprene waders and they actually dehydrate, because what happens is you get so hot inside, and you think that they’re leaking.. it’s actually sweat! And you end up with pruney toes, uncomfortable, whereas the breathable waders, they keep the wind out, but they also allow the moisture to get out. They’re really, really good. I really like using waders when it’s cold, they’re excellent. And as you said.. I was able to wade out into some water. They keep the rain out, you don’t have to worry about any of that stuff, so I had a good sturdy raincoat on and with the waders you know I was just... I was fine. And as you saw I could get going and you did the sensible thing and retreated to the car for a little while..

J: I had too! I didn’t have any waders. I just had my jeans on and I lasted about half as long, waiting for the rain to pass.

J: You gave it your best shot. We didn’t catch anything today, but still had a lot of fun because it’s an active sport.

A: That’s right. It’s a good way to spend a couple of hours. We didn’t spend much more than a couple of hours fishing. I’d rather be doing that, and getting some exercise... getting out and being in the elements than sitting at home watching telly.

J: Totally agree with you there!


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J: So these waders we tried out today were the new Viking waders we offer at Fjord.

A: Yeah! I think they were fine. They’re quite light, light weight, as far as the weight factor goes, but they look pretty sturdy.

J: Okay, fantastic. Well that’s it Andrew, thanks very much for that.

A: No worries mate

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