Comparing Breathable Waders

Comparing Breathable Waders

Sunday 4th August 2013

Breathable waders for fly fishing are a must if you are looking to spend a bit of time in a river sight fishing.

We recommend getting something that is going to make you feel comfortable in your environment. Something that will allow you to get a good feel for the water and wade through the current where the fish are.


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Breathable Waders for fly fisherman

So, what criteria do you look for when evaluating the value of a good pair of waders? In our experience, it is important to consider durability, comfort, waterproof and breathability. We will also look at different undergarments to consider, so that you can maximise your fly fishing experience.


The most important aspects of choosing an undergarment are wicking ability, garment thickness and anti-odour properties. To get the most out of your breathable waders, an undergarment with wicking ability is essential. Undergarments with wicking ability will drain sweat or perspiration from your skin and allow moisture to evaporate through your breathable waders. In our experience, it also pays to get a couple of pairs with differing undergarment thickness for different weather conditions. A lighter undergarment for warmer conditions and heavier for the colder seasons.

In most conditions it is also important to consider using an undergarment that is odour friendly. There are a number of different technologies that utilise “molecular spears” to puncture the cellular walls of bacteria. You may also want to avoid wool materials as they can be itchier than synthetic materials.Anglers of all varieties own a pair of waders. Fly fisherman are a special breed they require the best of every item. The undergarment is such a product that is another contributing factor to product comfort and breathability.


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We manufacture premium riverwear products, which feature our exclusive trademarked DRYLOC™ technology. The material is tough and waterproof, but also very durable.

In our experience, durability is one of the key attributes to look at when purchasing a new pair of waders. You want peace of mind that your waders will keep intact for many years of fly fishing in even the most unhospitable conditions.

Our waders are built with durability, but without compromising comfort.


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Quality Testing

Fjord products have been thoroughly tested by our factory to ensure high standards of quality are met. Each product goes through a series of test procedures before being approved and packed for shipping.

One of our first prototypes being tested.

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