3 Fly Fishing Fundamentals for The Newby

3 Fly Fishing Fundamentals for The Newby

Sunday 27th October 2013

We spoke to Andrew Connell about getting into  Fly Fishing. He says “A lot of guys have [fly fishing gear], but they’ll never get around to using it, or they just bought the gear and had a crack and it was a bit too hard on their own, so they give up, or they don’t have any gear and they just borrow gear.”

Does this sound like you? Before you give up read the following article. 

The following tips are aimed at giving you a good overview of getting started with fly fishing.



When you go into a shop it can be quite daunting. 

It’s advisable to get a couple of lessons before you even buy a rod with a professional casting guide, just so you know a bit about what your after. It’s a good idea to have some sort of understanding of how something works before you go into a shop. In the store they give you a lot of advice of how to select the line. 

For Example, you might like a rod that’s a bit lighter, or a bit heavier... or even something that’s a bit stiffer, or even softer.



There’s a lot of different variation in equipment. 

If you’re fishing a lake a lot, and you’re fishing a deep lake you might have an intermediate line. You’ll also want to choose your rod depending on your particular situation. 

I personally like to use a clear line that sinks in the water. It’s generally harder to see, but probably a little more effective for catching fish. If I’m doing a demonstration, or doing a casting session I’ll use a brighter line. 

If you’re fishing a river a lot, you’ll probably just have a floating line. In salt water you might have a really sinking line. It just depends on the situation. 



As a professional casting guide I’ll do trips away for up to 12 people. Generally, it’s corporate groups using it as a group bonding exercise. 

Quite often groups of people get together. Some of the corporate groups are people who have never fished before, but maybe as a group bonding exercise, they’ll get a team together, all be out of their element, learn to cast, conquer a new challenge. 

You do see a lot competition come about... everyone wants to be the guy that caught the first fish... the most fish ...or the biggest fish.. or be not the guy that didn’t catch a fish.

So they’re really quite good. And quite often you’ll see that the ones that listen to the advice generally are the ones that go away holding their shoulders high. And the ones that “know that they can do it on their own" sometimes they’re the really successful people, but just really haven’t mastered taking on the expert advice they’ve been offered, which is a shame really. 

Generally, they’re really successful in their field of endeavour, but yeah... the really, really successful ones are those that take on that advice.



We think that these tips will soon get you out of your comfort zone and into some serious fishing. 


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